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Rescuing Rex

Rescuing Rex

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Directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Leora Eisen, TVO Original Rescuing Rex unearths provocative truths about a world-wide phenomenon??nternational dog adoptions. A new social movement driven by a desire to do good, and fueled by irresistible puppy pics on Instagram, many millennials are bypassing breeders in favour of adopting homeless dogs from around the world. But what does this new trend mean for the animals, their caregivers and society? Told through the eyes of compelling human and canine characters, this film takes us from the mountains of Taiwan to the tarmac at Toronto?? airport, and from a rural kennel in Texas to an urban rooftop in Vancouver.

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Tagline:They’re homeless. They’re nameless. Now a new generation is coming to their rescue.
Duration: 90 Min